What is VideoPin.me?
Organize your Learning - Knowledge at your finger tips - Accomplish more - Have fun


Videos have become an integral part of our lives. We watch videos to entertain and learn. You find that important piece of information... Eureka! Bookmark the video and move on.

At a later date the process of finding that point in the video is frustrating as you endlessly seek, trying to remember where the important points are.

VideoPin.me allows you to make notes at specific points in the video, providing fast access to what is relevant to you. Information is structured in a way that helps you learn and simplify your video content.

Search related content, link videos at certain points to other videos using mind map type graphs. Whether you are learning or having fun, information at your finger tips means you have more time doing other things you love.

The problem

With vast amounts of videos that are available there must be a better way to organize your library. Finding information when you need it, is critical in the learning process.

Higher memory retention is achieved by seeing, doing and hearing. Videos have become essential means of recording information. So instead of passively watching videos we must interact with the video content.

The Solution

Videopin.me allows you to organize your videos and make notes at specific points, personalizing your information the way you want.

Your notes are saved and can be found at any time. Your collection of videos is searchable and can be grouped by putting similar content in a playlist.

You can review, edit and markup your notes with HTML and link them to important web sites.

Having all your learning resources in one place fire those neurons and reinforces your knowledge in that area.

With time so crucial and the need for learning never stopping, simplify your life and save valuable time, make your video content come to life with Videopin.me

Save even more time by importing videoPins directly from youtube using the chrome extension Video Pin Creator



What YouTube videos can be used with VideoPin.Me?

Any public YouTube video that can be accessed within your territory.

Does VideoPin.Me download the YouTube Video?

No. VideoPin.Me does not download any YouTube video content. The site simply stores the start and stop pin data along with your notes and comments. By doing this, the data you have saved can be accessed by nearly any web browser from any device or platform.

Does VideoPin.Me sell my email address?

No VideoPin.Me does not share or sell your email, gmail or facebook address or information. You will not receive spam by using the VideoPin.Me service.

Is VideoPin.Me free?

Yes VideoPin.Me service is completely free.

Can I share my VideoPins?

Yes! That is one of the core features of VideoPin.Me. Once you create your VideoPins, you can share the generated link with friends, family, coworkers, students, etc. by clicking share the button.

Can my friends share my VideoPins?

Yes! The link you send to friends can be forwarded to anyone to view and keep sharing!

Can I try VideoPin.Me before signing up for a FREE account?

Yes! By clicking the “Try Demo” button from any page, you can experience the easy to use “Create, Play and Edit” interface.

Can I use my own YouTube video in the “Try Demo” section?

No. To use your favorite YouTube video, you must sign up for a FREE account.

Can I share the VideoPins I create in the “Try Demo” section?

No. The share buttons are disabled in Demo mode. You must sign up for a FREE account.

What does the Chrome Extension do?

Install the FREE Chrome Extension to the Chrome Browser to simplify the importation of YouTube Videos. Once installed, navigate to your favorite YouTube video. Click the Chrome Extension Icon on the Chrome Browser Extension area. The current YouTube Video be imported into the VideoPin.Me create/edit interface.